The Blog:

This is a blog about life. My life. The one I live everyday and the one I want to have. So, yeah, it’s a personal blog. One of those things on the internet people say are dead. So be it. Ultimately this is about taking control of my own life and documenting those experiences I have along the way. If you find it interesting, garner inspiration, or just get bored then by all means you’re more than welcome to follow along. If, on the other hand, this site does none of those things for you then you are free to move along…the internet is a big place after all and you could always spend your time looking at kittens.

The Name:

I’ve worked hard pretty much all my life. I’ve earned a lot of what I have but if hard work got you everything in life then poor folks working 3 jobs wouldn’t be poor. I’ve done my part but got a healthy dose of lucky along the way. Some of it undeservedly. So there you go.

The Rules:

1) My site, my rules. I love interacting with people and am extremely tolerant of an incredibly diverse range of views and opinions…but rude, disrespectful, or intolerant behavior won’t be accepted. Don’t like it? The internet is huge and I’m pretty sure you can find an echo chamber for your views or a site that will permit you to troll at will.

2) I welcome any editorial input you have. If I spell a word wrong, split an infinitive, or misstate a fact then, by all means, correct me. I hate looking stupid (unless it’s on purpose for comedic effect).

3) If you comment, it’s public. If you contact me via email and don’t specify you wish to remain anonymous I may use the correspondance publicly. That being said, I won’t violate any obvious commonly held privacy practices. Addresses (both physical and e-mail), phone numbers, or embarrassing information that may cause undo discomfort will never be shared with anyone for any reason.

4) Spam. I don’t do it and neither should you. What is spam? Whatever I decide it is…see rule #1.

5) Links. Want me to link to you? Produce cool content that is worth sharing. You want to link me? Go right ahead. Be aware, I won’t do quid pro quo…so don’t ask

6) Reproduction. I don’t use material in whole or in part without citing (and when possible, linking) the original source. Please be a dear and do the same for me.

7) Trackbacks. Vacant trackbacks are really annoying. I don’t do it and neither should you.

8) Misc. Please see rule #1 for clarification on anything that may not have been covered here.

The Author:

My name is David. I’m a 39 year old retired U.S. soldier. I’m currently the Media Relations Manager for the City of Austin in Texas. None of that should really matter for the purposes of this blog other than many of my experiences are directly related to my occupation. Please see my disclaimer below for more information concerning my blog as it relates to professional life.

I was born in Kansas City, Mo. and call Austin, TX home. I’ve lived all over the world at various points. I’m married to a wonderful woman. I’ve got 2 dogs, a house, and other associated trappings of a typical middle class life.

This is who I am and this is my life. Want to know more? Then ask.

Disclaimer: 150677.com is privately operated and is designed to provide personal information, views and commentary. The images depicted and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the author and do not represent those of any part of the City of Austin.  The opinions of the authors and commenters are theirs and theirs alone. I do not assume any responsibility for the opinions of posts or comments I did not personally write. Opinions are based upon personal experiences and knowledge. Users accept and agree to this disclaimer in the use of any information accessed in this website.


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